Who we are

Lauren Jones Buyers Agent Pty Ltd trading as Lauren Jones Buyers Agent (LJBA)


LJBA highly regards and acknowledges the importance of privacy for the individuals we interact with. We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy and complying with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act) and other relevant privacy laws and regulations.

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, store, utilise, and disclose your personal information, as well as how we maintain the integrity and security of your personal information.

We will take measures to ensure that LJBA’s employees, and subcontractors are knowledgeable about and comprehend their responsibilities, as well as the company’s obligations, under the Privacy Act. This will be achieved through training programs and the implementation of internal policies and procedures aimed at preventing improper collection, use, disclosure, retention, access, or disposal of personal information.

What personal information we collect

The term “personal information” refers to any information or opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded or not, that relates to an identified individual or an individual who can be reasonably identified. This may include information or opinions that directly identify you (such as your name) or indirectly identify you.

LJBA may collect various information about you if you are a current or prospective property buyer, landlord seeking property management services, if you visit our website or make an enquiry through other means. This information may include your contact details (such as name, address, telephone number, and email address), occupation and business address, credit card and payment details, financial information (including assets, liabilities, income, outgoings, and credit reference reports), desired property ownership details, and details of properties sold or acquired by you.

LJBA may also need to collect personal information about individuals who are not clients of LJBA, such as mortgage brokers, accountants, financial planners, legal advisers, and property managers.

In general, LJBA will not collect sensitive information about you (such as race, political beliefs, religion, or health) unless it is required to provide you with services. If sensitive information is needed, LJBA will seek your consent when collecting such information.

How we collect your personal information

Personal Information may be gathered in the following ways:


    • When you make a general or specific inquiry via telephone or social media

    • When you engage with us or discuss potential services or advice from us

    • When you negotiate with us regarding the purchase or rental of a property

    • When you provide your details to us at a property’s “open for inspection”

    • When you provide us with your business card or we collect it from you

    • When you visit our website and fill out an online inquiry or form to request or access certain services

    • When you send us an email

    • When you interact with us in person

    • When you participate in surveys or questionnaires

    • Through analysis of Social Media Sites, either conducted by us or by third parties on our behalf

    • Through any other collection of information directly or indirectly related to the services we may offer you

Additionally, we may obtain your personal information from third parties or publicly accessible sources, as well as from professional service providers such as mortgage brokers, accountants, conveyancers, solicitors, and real estate agents. This collection of personal information from third parties is done in order to facilitate and support your property purchase process.

How we use and protect your personal information

The personal information collected by LJBA will typically be used for the following purposes:


    • Assisting you in purchasing a property

    • Assisting you in selling your property

    • Assisting you in leasing a property, either as a lessor or a lessee

    • Assisting you in obtaining a loan

    • Assisting you with payment or refund of a deposit

    • Coordinating repairs or maintenance for a property owned by you

    • Recording or accessing information at the Titles Registry Office or other government agency

    • Managing client and business relationships

    • Marketing products and services to you

We will only use and disclose personal information for the primary purpose for which it was originally collected or for purposes directly related to our functions or activities. We will not disclose your personal information to government agencies, private sector organisations, or any third parties, unless one of the following applies:


    • You have provided consent

    • It is reasonably expected or you have been informed that such information is usually shared with those individuals, bodies, or agencies

    • It is required or authorised by law

    • It is reasonably necessary for enforcement-related activities conducted by, or on behalf of, an enforcement body such as the police, ASIC, or Immigration Department

Personal information provided to LJBA may be shared with its related companies, and we will take reasonable measures to ensure confidentiality. In the course of providing services to you, your personal information may be entered into forms generation software and real estate websites, which may be subject to separate privacy policies or laws of other jurisdictions. LJBA may also transfer personal information to overseas countries to perform its functions or activities, taking reasonable steps to ensure compliance with Australian Privacy Principles.

Like many other businesses, LJBA may rely on third-party suppliers or contractors for specialised services such as web hosting, cloud computing technology, and data storage. If personal information is provided to these suppliers or contractors, we will ensure they handle it in accordance with the Act and Australian Privacy Principles, and require privacy undertakings and confidentiality agreements.

In limited circumstances, it may be necessary for us to collect government-related identifiers, such as tax file numbers or Centrelink reference numbers. We will only use or disclose these identifiers as required or authorized by law or court/tribunal order, or to fulfill obligations to a State or Territory authority.

How long we retain your data

We will not retain your personal information longer than necessary. Typically, this means we will only keep your personal information for the duration of your relationship with us, unless there are legal requirements such as record-keeping obligations that mandate us to retain your personal information for a longer period of time.

Circumstance in which we disclose your information

LJBA and its representatives will never share your personal or business information with any third party without necessity, unless compelled by law.

However, in order to provide you with the best possible assistance, we may need to share your personal information with certain organisations. If your information is not provided, it may affect our ability to assist you. These organisations may include financial planners, finance brokers, accountants, wealth advisors, and other related entities.

Occasionally, LJBA or its related entities may contact you to provide information about other products and services offered by LJBA, its related entities, and business partners that may be beneficial to you and your family. This may include products or services from LJBA or other companies associated with the LJBA.

LJBA may also share your personal information, on a confidential basis, with its related entities to offer you products and services or fulfill offers.

When you engage LJBA, you consent to LJBA and its related entities using your personal information for direct marketing purposes (for an indefinite period) via post, email, phone, or SMS, unless you contact LJBA to withdraw your consent.


By engaging with LJBA, you acknowledge and agree that images with full attribution can be used for external promotion by LJBA via social media and websites. These images may be used in advertising, marketing, promotion or any other purposes. You waive the right to inspect or approve such completed images used in connection with LJBA.

Others may re-share or re-post such content indefinitely, and it may be visible to anyone who visits the locations where the content has been re-shared. While you may have the ability to remove the content that you have originally shared or posted, any content that has been re-shared or re-posted will be beyond our control, and neither you nor we will be able to remove it from the locations where it has been re-shared. We do not assume responsibility for any content that has been re-shared or re-posted.

Direct Marketing

You acknowledge that we may, at our discretion, add some of your Personal Information, such as your name and email address, to our databases or those of our related companies for marketing and related purposes. This may include sending you updates on property-related issues or other services we or our business partners or affiliates offer. Each direct marketing communication you receive from us will include clear instructions on how to unsubscribe from our mailing list. You can also opt out by requesting removal from the mailing list via emailing lauren@ljba.com.au. There is no fee for this deletion.

Inquiries and complaints

This privacy policy may change from time to time. Latest update: April 2023

If you have any inquiries regarding this privacy policy, if you would like to lodge a complaint about how we have handled your personal information, or if you would like to access or correct your personal information, please contact LJBA:

Licensee: Lauren Jones

Phone: 0414 221 741

Email: lauren@ljba.com.au

Mail: PO Box 469 Hamilton Central QLD 4007