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High Growth Investment

Our data driven strategy at LJBA Buyers Agency Brisbane doesn't just follow the Brisbane market – it leads it.

We identify high-growth properties in Brisbane using thorough data analysis and predictive insights. This strategy focuses on consistent long-term returns, not short-term gains.

Let us be your partner in outperforming the Brisbane property market.


Balanced Investment

At LJBA we cater for investors all over Australia who require balance in their portfolio. This approach combines the best of both worlds - steady cash flow and substantial capital growth.

This is a strategy that delivers income today and builds wealth for tomorrow.

Our in-depth knowledge of the Brisbane property market means we can help you strike the perfect investment balance.


Owner Occupiers

We work with a lot of owner occupiers to help speed up the process of finding their next home.

Whether you are a busy professional, struggling with negotiating prices and conditions or are unable to find your perfect property, LJBA is there to help!

Let our Brisbane buyers agents help you to regain your weekends and enjoy the home buying process.


Interstate Relocations

Relocating to Brisbane from another state can be a difficult process.

At LJBA, we specialise in interstate relocations. We'll provide you with the knowledge and support needed to confidently navigate the Brisbane market, identify the right properties, understand pricing, and assess different suburbs whether on the south or northside.

Trust us to help streamline your interstate move.

Buyers we specialise in

The niche categories of buyers we help are

Over 55s

Many people over 55 haven't purchased a home in over 30 years. Some have never bought a home!

In recent years, real estate and technology have merged, making the process harder to grasp.

This lack of fresh knowledge and experience can equate to a stressful process, especially in Brisbane's hot market, where snap decisions are necessary.

Let us help walk you through your property purchase journey with ease.


First Home Buyers

First home buyers often find themselves feeling unsure about dealing with sales agents and understanding the Brisbane real estate scene.

At LJBA, we're here to guide you through this important milestone, providing the knowledge and support you need to make a confident and informed investment decision.

We also offer competitive fees for those on constrained budgets, and can offer payment plans for those unable to pay upfront.

Let us help you take your first step towards a rewarding home ownership experience.


Those buying and Selling at the same time

The high-stress, tight time frame nature of buying and selling simultaneously is a lot to handle.

At LJBA, we have access to strategies that make the process easier, less stressful, and more advantageous to our buyers.

We can help with contacts for Brisbane-based removalists, tradesmen, and can liaise with the selling agent of your home to streamline your property swap process.

Why Choose LJBA?

data & Analysis

We use an extensive range of data and statistics to outperform the Brisbane market

Skilled Negotiations

We understand what conversations need to be had to achieve the best possible price

Extensive Network

We get access to properties that other buyers don’t even know exist

Proven Track Record

As a team, we have been involved in over 150 property transactions

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