Buyers Agent Services

At LJBA, we provide a range of buyers agent services. Which one is right for you?

Owner Occupier

We are here for owner occupiers, dedicated to making your home-buying experience smooth and tailored to your specific property needs.


Our team works closely with you, understanding your unique preferences to identify homes that truly match your lifestyle, budget and needs.


Navigating negotiations can be intricate, but with us, it is seamless. As skilled negotiators, we ensure that we have all of the information to assist you securing your dream property.


Communication is key. We keep you informed at every stage, providing transparent insights for confident decision-making.


Our buyers agent services and support extend beyond purchase. From finalizing contracts to settling in, we’re committed to ensuring your homeownership journey is comfortable and confident.

First Home Buyer

We are so passionate about supporting first-time home buyers get into the market and buy their first property with confidence.


Our team is dedicated to understanding your vision, guiding you through the process to identify homes that align with your aspirations and budget.


Navigating your first home purchase requires expertise. Our skilled team ensures clear negotiations, making your entry into homeownership straightforward and worry-free.


Communication is at the core of our expert buyers agent service. We keep you well-informed at every step, offering transparent insights to empower confident decisions.


We will introduce you to all of the relevant industry professionals to ensure a streamlined process. From navigating financing options to settling into your new home, we’re here to ensure your first-home experience is a positive one.


Being a Qualified Property Investment Advisor, means that Lauren Jones brings an extra dimension to the buyers agent services we provide. 


Her specialty is supporting investors, ensuring a streamlined and informed approach to your real estate ventures, and backing up your purchase with clear data and market trends. 


The LJBA team focuses on understanding your investment goals and tailoring our services to identify properties that align with your financial objectives.


Navigating investment negotiations demands expertise. Our skilled negotiators secure advantageous terms, maximising returns and minimising complications. Communication is paramount. 


We keep you well-informed at every stage, providing the insights you need for confident investment decisions. 


From due diligence to rental strategies, we’re dedicated to optimising your investment portfolio well beyond the purchase.

Over 55s

Most over 65s haven’t purchased a home in over 30 years. Some have never bought a home!


This lack of fresh knowledge and experience can equate to a stressful process, especially in a hot market where decisions must be made quickly. 


Navigating the negotiations process may also add to the stress, as most agents are much younger and harder for over 65s to relate to. 


The market is ever-changing. In recent years, real estate and technology have merged, making the process harder to grasp. 


As part of our buyers agent services, we will guide you through these expected hurdles and ensure you feel confident and capable every step of the way. 


Let us help walk you through your property purchase journey with ease. 

Interstate Relocators

Relocating to Brisbane from another state can be a difficult process. 


Being a Brisbane-based buyers agency, we possess a wealth of local and in-depth market knowledge. We don’t just work in Brisbane; we live and breathe this city! 


We can provide you with the support needed to confidently navigate Brisbane’s property market. 


LJBA can help you identify the right properties, understand pricing, and assess different suburbs. 


Trust us to streamline your interstate move to Brisbane.

Buying and Selling at the Same Time

The high-stress, tight time frame nature of buying and selling simultaneously is a lot for one person to handle. And that’s an understatement. 


At LJBA, we have access to strategies that make the whole process easier, less stressful, and more advantageous to our buyers. 


We can help with contacts for removalists, tradesmen, and can liaise with the selling agent of your home. 


Our buyers agent services are designed to make your property swap proceed much more smoothly. 

Auction Bidding

At LJBA, we understand the intricacies of auction bidding and aim to make the process straightforward and reliable for our clients.


We carefully analyse market trends and property data to create strategic plans, ensuring you’re well-prepared on auction day.


During the auction, we leverage these skills to navigate the proceedings calmly, working to secure favourable outcomes for you.


Transparent communication is our priority. We provide real-time updates and guidance, so you can make informed decisions throughout the process.


Our commitment also extends beyond the auction. We offer post-auction support, guiding you through the steps to finalize the purchase and facilitating a smooth transition to settlement, introducing you to all of the relevant industry professionals that you need to ensure a streamlined process.