LJBA Rescues Client From House-Hunting Nightmare

LJBA Rescues Client From House-Hunting Nightmare

A retired Brisbane woman transformed her property purchase journey into a stress-free, streamlined ride and is now settled into her dream home—all thanks to Lauren Jones Buyers Agency.  


Lyn Roberts was stuck between a rock and a hard place over the 2023 Christmas break, when the task of finding a new home was thrust upon her unexpectedly. Having spent the past 25 years building her life on Brisbane’s Northside, Lyn’s temporary accommodation with her father in Cleveland was not ideal. Coupled with her poor experiences on realestate.com and during over-crowded property inspections, Lyn describes the process as “stressful, demoralising, time-consuming, and eventually frustrating”.


The overarching issue was that with low listings in the Brisbane market and rising property values, it felt impossible for Lyn to find the right home at a fair price—or find anything at all.


Lyn shares, “It seemed to be high prices, not a lot of choice in the area, many people after the same property, and offers being made before I’d even seen the property… I experienced having to put in my best price to try and secure a property, not knowing whether other offers were lower or above the asking price, then finding I’d missed out by $2,000.”


Enlisting the support of a buyers agent became inevitable, so Lyn decided to engage Lauren Jones Buyers Agency (LJBA) and consequently streamline the process.


The LJBA team immediately replaced the burden on Lyn’s shoulders with a sag of relief, after taking the time to learn her preferences and struggles. Lauren Jones and Jessica Giandomenico brought a wealth of market knowledge and contacts to the table, utilising their extensive network to access properties that hadn’t yet reached realestate.com.


Lyn shares, “Through engaging LBA, I was able to look around properties without another 50+ people being in attendance. I had faith and trusted that [LJBA] wanted the right property for me as much as I did.”


Beyond granting Lyn access to privately sold, suitable properties, Lauren Jones Buyers Agency also provided contacts—such as pest and building inspectors, solicitors, and tradespeople—and handled all negotiations.


Since LJBA successfully secured her dream property, Lyn has enjoyed her time as a happy homeowner: “I am happily settled in my home, which with a coat of paint and a few adjustments now looks and feels amazing. I love the position of my unit, as I am close to everything that is important to me. It meets all my requirements, is spacious, light, airy and well-built—and I wouldn’t have even seen it without the help of LJBA!”