Home Sweet Homely: Trending Interior Design Ideas on Homely

Home Sweet Homely: Trending Interior Design Ideas on Homely

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Welcome to the world of interior design right here in Australia, a place where tradition collides with contemporary innovation to create spectacles of style and functionality. Let this article be your front-row seat to the ever-evolving, ever-beautiful tapestry of trends unfolding across homes Down Under. From the sun-kissed coastal retreats of Queensland to the urban chic apartments in Melbourne, the latest design phenomena are transforming spaces into novel expressions of personality and taste.

It’s time to put your finger on the pulse of Australian interior design and elevate your living space. Read on to learn its rhythm!

Unveiling Interior Trends: Homely’s Property Search Journey

chic modern australian living room with wooden floorboards, bamboo features, neutral colour scheme with a spot of green for colour.

22 Yeerinbool Court, Arana Hills QLD 4054
To begin, we did what we do best; we searched for properties, amongst the tonnes of pre-existing listings that bring Homely to life. Immediately, echoed design choices and mirroring trends across homes, suburbs, states, and territories, popped out at us. The most glaring of which, being Australian interior design’s newfound lenience on bringing the outdoors, indoors.

A close-to-home listing in Arana Hills presents as a stunning exemplar of a biophilic-styled (see: greenery) interior. With its predominantly neutral palette, the inclusion of one or more pot plants in each room rescues the home from becoming sterile. As does the bountiful inclusion of other natural elements, including natural light, and organic materials of the likes of timber floorboards and bamboo.

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Insights from the Expert: Polina Radchenko Unveils Modern Interior Trends


Kent Road Residence by Polina Radchenko Interiors

Polina Radchenko, founder of interior design and decoration service Polina Radchenko Interiors, provides this look with a label: “The predominant trend we are seeing through modern interiors at the moment is Modern Coastal, which is accompanied by a light, fresh colour palette, soft timbers, abundance of white and soft colours, such as pinks, sage greens, and muted blues.”

The master conceptualist and design expert continues on to reveal, “Arches, curved island benches and fluted panelling add softness and visual interest to spaces, and are becoming widely popular. We are also seeing more colour through furniture and soft furnishings add some drama to interior spaces.”

Coastal Chic: A vibrant fusion of soft colours

Pastel styled scandy-mid century style sitting room with muted pinks, creams and pot of pot plant colour

33 Begg Street, Bentleigh East VIC 3165

The interior of a property much farther down Australia’s eastern coast, in Bentleigh East, Victoria, combines a rich yet refreshing blend of many of the qualities Polina discusses. The similarly modern coastal interior is dramatised by bold pops of onyx and vivid artwork against its neutral base.

Another on-trend design choice consistently reflected throughout the property was the replacement of overhead lighting with decorative wall lights. It seems that across many modern Australian homes, decorative wall lights are taking precedent in more intimate spaces, such as in bedrooms and some living areas. This listing in Malvern, Victoria, combines dark and light wood tones with interesting copper and lighter walls to add that soft hue. 

222/14 Elizabeth Street, Malvern VIC 3144 listed by Belle Property Armadale

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Spotlight on Trends: Lauren Jones Dives into Decor and Design

Lauren Jones, a leading Brisbane buyer’s agent, Qualified Property Investment Advisor, and owner of Lauren Jones Buyers Agency, agrees that decorative wall lights are on a steady incline. She shares that they serve as “great visually aesthetic additions to a home”, with an unparalleled talent for creating ambient mood lighting.

As well, Lauren makes note of a perceived rise in rounded furnishings, remarking how circular design encourages interconnectedness. Another contemporary Victorian home brings Lauren’s perception to life, showcasing a heavy lenience toward rounded furnishings, such as rounded tables, chairs, vases, pots, décor, and artwork.

14 Parliament Street, Brighton VIC 3186

It seems there is more to circular living than meets the eye. According to Delamere experts, “Circular shapes are considered to be a much friendlier shape than the others, as they feel softer and milder, providing a feeling of unity and protection.”

3 Carlotta Road, Double Bay NSW 2028 listed by Laing+Simmons – Double Bay

All the qualities that make a house, a home, right? They add, “The rounded shape tends to invite individuals into their ‘completeness’.”

Million-Dollar Elegance: Greenery and luxe finishes in Mount Martha and Sydney


22/16-18 Bay Street, Double Bay NSW 2028 listed by Belle Property – Pyrmont

As well, a gorgeous apartment listed in Double Bay, New South Wales perfectly captures the inviting, unifying effect of rounded furnishings. However, beyond that, the property’s living space ropes together many of the trends discussed throughout this article.

If you look closely, you’ll find that the modern designed space is dramatised by textures against neutral tones, plants and green aspects galore, and even the use of organic and rustic materials for vessels like vases and plates. A tasteful, complimentary blend of on-trend design elements.

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Some more niche interior design trends Lauren and Polina agree are on the incline are:

  • Crazy paving
  • Feature stone cladding
  • Terazzo
  • Brass finishes
  • Small tiles
  • Wallpaper
  • Rich greens
  • Crimson reds
  • Pink and peach

So, have you wrapped your head around the theme yet?

Whether it’s embracing iconic trends or exploring unique, niche styles, keeping your finger on that pulse, the free spirit of modern Australian design is crucial. Stay connected, stay informed, and do your best to reflect the vibrant, contemporary aesthetics in your own home design. A world of innovation awaits.